Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Ihagee Auto Ultrix

Made in 1931, Lens: Radionar 105/4.5, Film 6x9.

Sold for EUR 94,26

Ihagee lightmeter

Sold for EUR 66,00


Interessante ed inusuale accessorio della Exakta, si tratta del visore stereo "Stereflex" e di un prisma per fotografie stereo a distanza ravvicinata, direi questo forse più raro del visore. Il visore Stereflex si inserisce al posto del prisma o del pozzetto, il prisma si avvita davanti all'obiettivo e permette di riprendere da 15 cm a 2 metri. Si usa con obiettivi da 50mm con passo filtri 49mm. Per foto da 2 metri in all'infinito è necessario un'altro prisma.

Sold for EUR 450


Stereflex Sucher und großen Stereovorsatz Carl Zeiss Jena 2m

Sold for EUR 500

Ihagee Parvola

Ihagee Parvola Helical-Telescoping. The Camera was manufactured by Ihagee Camera Werks of the Steenbergen & Company of Dreseden Germany. Camera uses 127 roll film. The camera is covered with original black leatherette, which is all. The Nickel metal edges are in excellent condition and the chrome bezel around the shutter is shinny. The Camera shutter a Pronto provides for several speed T, B, 1/25, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and seems to be working fine, also the self timer goes. The lens is a Jhagee Anastigmatf4,5 70mm serial 42263 clear and clean with no fungus inside. Camera was manufactured in 1931. Initially called Klein-Ultrix but the name was immediately changed to Parvola. At the end of 1932 the name was changed again to Kleinbild-Ultrix, but publicity and catalogs are not consistent in the use of different names. For use by collectors the designation Parvola prevails, probably to avoid confusion with other Ultrix models. This camera was sometimes known as "Secret Service".

Sold for US$ 77,87

Olympus 40/3.5

a manual 40/3.5 Olympus with serial number 62059 (very rare).

Not sold

Ihagee Patent-Duplex 720

The camera is optical and technical in very good condition an functionally. The shutter runs on all settings, lens is clear, aperture works good. Finder is bright and clear. Vertical shift works, horizontal shift is stuck, it needs some oil. The camera has double extension. Groundglass is complete, two plateholders comes with the camera. Also a nice original cardboardcase with dates of lens, body, shutter and camera type. All dates are the same on the camera.
Lens: Trioplan 4,5/13,5cm
Shutter: Compur
Film: Platten 9x12cm
Year: 1930

Sold for EUR 75,00

Exa Rheinmetall

c1954-1955, KB 24x36, Verschluß: Klapp -1/150. Kam.-Nr.: 260761. The viewfinder is the original one sold with the camera, marked Rheinmetall

Not sold

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Zeiss Prism for Kine Exakta

Ihagee Kine Exakta II Prisma, guter Zustand, Nr 3924 von Carl Zeiss Jena.
Picture N. 2: how to put the prism on a Kine.
Picture N. 1: the prism sold on ebay

Sold for EUR 35,71

58/1.2 Taika Harigon

Here's a 58/1.2 Taika Harigon for Ihagee Exakta cameras. The serial number is 111195. Please note, this lens is for later bodies with an external bayonet!

Sold for US$ 295,00

Stereo Kindar

This is the original version designed by Seton Rochewhite and bears serial number VX1076C. On my Exakta Pages you can find other pictures of this very very rare lens

Sold for US$ 1035,00

VX 200

The same camera as the Exa 500 but with a different label, probably for the US market. Very difficult to find.

Not sold

22mm F2.8 Macro Doryt Lens

Exakta 22mm F2.8 Macro Doryt Lens. Movie camera lens with a nice Exakta mount.

Sold for GBP 26,00

Voigtlander 36-82 2.8 Zoomar

Voigtlander 36-82 2.8 Zoomar lens in rare Exakta mount. Serial number 4834375.

Sold for US$ 315,00

Monday, 25 December 2006

Elgeet 4" F4.5 Mini-Tele Lens

A cheap movie camera lens adapted to Exakta mount.
Sold for US$ 48,00

Exakta VPA Version 5

The camera was sold for Eur 560,00.

The high price is due to the lens on the camera, Ludwid-Dresden Victar 1:2,9/7,5cm. It was the first time I saw such a lens on a VP.

Pre-War Exakta 66

The camera was sold for EUR 1.460,99

If you click on a picture you can enlarge it.

Angenieux 90/1,8

Here's a 90mm f1.8 manual Angenieux for Ihagee Exakta cameras. The serial number is 284398. This is a very rare lens.

Metered Tele Xenar 1

This is an automatic 135/3.5 Schneider Tele-Xenar lens with the coupled selenium meter for Ihagee Exakta bayonet. The serial number is 7173054. The selenium meter is coupled on these beautfiul lenses and mechanically is functioning well. The meter responds well to light but I won't give an accuracy guarantee on 40 year old selenium.