Wednesday, 31 January 2007

IHAGEE Plattenkamera Balgen Kamera

Es handelt sich um eine seltene Ihagee Kamerawerk Steenbergen u. Co. Dresden Plattenkamera. Sie ist ausgestattet mit einem Objektiv von Meyer Görlitz Ihagee Anastigmat Typ Tripolan 1:45 (f=15cm). Der Balg ist tadellos der Gesamtzustand ist lobenswert. Die Funktion scheint nach unserer Prüfung in Ordnung zu sein.

Sold for EUR 377,78

Isco-Gottingen Westrogon 24mm f:4

This auction is for a Isco-Gottingen Westrogon 24mm lens for the Exakta 35mm SLR camera. serial number 69007. The lens is in good condition both optically and cosmetically. Glass is clean and clear. There is a tiny scratch on the front element ( see photo ) which will have no effect on photo quality.

Sold for US$ 68,78

Zeiss Biotar 75/1,5

- Serial Number: 3235502
- Aluminium barrel

Sold for EUR 270,00

Steinheil Munchen Exagon 1 : 2.8 / 35mm

Up for bid is a Vintage Camera Lens made in Germany with the following information on it: " Steinheil Munchen Exagon 1 : 2.8 / 35 mm.........2259531 " Ihagee " .

It is about 2.75 inches long , which includes a separate filter screwed into the face of the lens. The diameter of the end that attaches to the camera is 1 1/4 ".

Both protective lens caps are present, and the lens comes in its original leather case which is in pretty good condition...

Sold for US$ 69,88

Ihagee Etui für Platten 9x12cm.

Sold for EUR 3,65

Sehr früher Ihagee Vera-Satz, Größe I, 31mm

"Ein optisches Wunder". Mit Reproduktionslinse, Weitwinkellinse und Portraitlinse. Guter Zustand mit normalen Altersspuren, siehe Bilder.

Sold for EUR 48,00

Voigtlander Zoomar

Orestegor 300/4 lens Pentacon

Lens was made in former German Democratic republic, in VEB Pentacon in former Meyer Optik Görlitz factory in years 1965-90. Lens was called until 1971 Orestegor, later it was called Pentacon. Interesting is that it has interchangeable mount (you need only turn the ring and you can remove the mount). Same mount was used on 500 mm lenses. They were manufactured as minimum 4 mounts: for Pentacon 6, Praktina, Praktica M42 and Exa/Exakta.
Lens is manually but you can preset the aperture, open diaphragm, than focus and stop down with one movement not looking at the lens.
Optically is this lens not that perfect as famous Sonnar 4/300 but is more compact and work with it is easier.
I am offering the lens with Pentacon 6, Exakta or Praktica M42 - this will be the winning bidder choice. In present time I DO NOT HAVE Praktina mount!
Ser. No. 5066793, single coated, stops 4-22. It focuses from 3.6 m to infinity.

Sold for US$ 99,99

Pentacon 500/5,6

The longest tele not mirror for Pentacon six camera group. Large and heavy lens most common used here with Pentacon 6, Exakta 66, Kiev 6* and Praktisix.
Lens is not automatic but aperture preset system. It has the interchangeable rear mount (you can use those from 300 mm Meyer lenses) you can use it on Praktina, Exakta or M42 screw mount cameras.
Lens has possibility to preset aperture, open the diaphragm, focus, and with one movement not looking on it put it back.
Lens was called until 1971 Orestegor later Pentacon. With M42 mount and T adapter you can use this lens with many cameras. I am using it with my Olympus OM 4. T adapter works like short extension tube and allows closer focusing (and focus to infinity with 500 mm lens you need only by astrophotography) - this is even advantage.
I am offering the lens with Pentacon six mount, Exakta, or Praktica M42 mount - this will be the winning bidder choice. But the winning bidder will get only one rear mount.
Ser. No. 7348857, single coated. Stopping limits are 5.6-22. It focuses from 6 m to infinity.

Not sold for EUR 195,00


Here is a perfect Angenieux Type Y12 2.5 90mm Exakta mount lens as seen.I do not believe it was ever used,it shows no signs of wear and is a perfect example of this lens.

Sold for US$ 405,00

Raro catalogo 1937 VP

trattasi di uno dei più rari cataloghi della Jhagee per l'Exakta VP 4.5x6, ovvero i modelli A, B, Nacht e Junior.
In italiano (rarissimo), molto bello e completo, composto da grandi pagine pieghevoli. In assoluto il più raro catalogo Exakta insieme a quello per la Kine 1° modello. Ben conservato, nessuna mancanza, dimensioni (piegato) 220 x 140 mm.

Sold for EUR 25,00

Exakta extension tube in box

Not sold for US$ 9,95

Exa - Sperling prism and case

Exa 35mm SLR camera No. 205768 with Pin flash sockets and synchronization marked M and X. In working order with average cosmetics. Shutter marked B,25,50,100 & 150. Lens is E. Ludwig 50mm f2.9 Meritar lens No. 777696 and has marks and internal dirt and/or fungus. The pentaprism is a Sperling (rare!) and is made in Germany. Eveready case has two birds embossed on back.

Sold for US$ 56

Original Box For EXA II

You get an original box for an EXA II. The box was for a camera sold through the USA. The original camera sticker is on the bottom and if the winner wants the sticker removed I can do it. This must date to the about 1960. If you have this camera this is a great addition to the collection. The box looks good with some some minor wear.

Sold for US$ 9,95

Schneider Xenon 50mm f;1.8 Automatic

Schneider Xenon 50mm f;1.8 Automatic Lens

Sold for US$ 137,27

"Exakta-Spiegel", Ihagee-Hauszeitschrift

Hauszeitschrift des Ihagee-Kamerawerkes in Dresden. A5, 12 Seiten, schwarzweiß.
"Exakta-Spiegel" Ausgabe Sommer 1940, Stempelaufdruck 21.Aug.1940.

Sold for EUR 19,50

Monday, 29 January 2007

Enna Ennalyt 85mm F1.5

Very Rare Enna Ennalyt 85mm F1.5 for Exakta Bayonet Mount.

Sold for GBP 165,00

Saturday, 27 January 2007

EXAKTA FE 2000 ihagee West

Bears the logo of Ihagee West of Berlin, Steenbergen’s successor company to Ihagee of Dresden. A modern Exakta 35mm SLR with TTL metering and fast 55mm lens.
A complete CLA 06.04. Last used 11.06 and works fine. Exaktar lens simply a superb piece of glass. The Exaktar name was first used by Exakta with rollfilm cameras. This continued for private label lenses manufactured by Meyer Gorlitz and by other suppliers for Exaktas many decades after WWII!
A 1978 Exakta FE2000 Body Ser. Nr. 526805. The TTL meter uses a modern Type 675 1.5v battery. You can use shutter priority metering or set it on full automatic. A dial and scale in the viewfinder displays f-stop. Focus is a central microprism disc in a ground glass ring and field.
Mirror is as new. Shutter is as new, timing within 5%. Eleven speeds one second to 1/1,000th plus timed. Hot shoe flash plus PC fitting. Timer is accurate and the depth of field preview is quick. Body has only slightest handling signs, soft wear to black enamel corner by shutter advance. Inside looks unused. No dings dents or scratches.
Has the original “Auto Exaktar EE” 1,7/55mm M42 lens by Cosina, a top quality camera and optics house to this day (Voigtlander). Has seven element, fully multicoated lens with full-open diaphragm metering (EE) designation that was unique to this camera.
52mm filter thread, Ser. Nr. 762957I. Barrel marked “Lens made in Japan.” Glass clear and clean inside and out, no cleaning marks, unmarked barrel. Complete with original threaded black metal; lens cap.

Sold for US$ 62,39

Exakta Twin TL Ihagee West

Exakta Twin TL

Sehr schöne,massive Kleinbildreflex-Exakta Bayonett-mechanischer Verschluss-Cds-Innenmessung-2 Auslöser (Twin!)

Schlitzverschluß:1sec-1/1000sec,B, Vorlauf
Objektiv:Schneider Xenon 1,9/50 N°9949382
Zustand:Sehr schön-keine Kratzer,keine Dellen, nur geringe Lackabblätterungen an den Kanten, Belederung sehr schön, Prisma und Spiegel ohne Flecken oder Kratzer-Verschluss,Vorlauf und Belichtungsmesser mit voller Funktion.
Objektiv ohne Kratzer,kein Fungus,geschmeidige Fokussierung,Blende sauber.

Sold for EUR 56,55

Exakta advertising

Not sold ( EUR 1,00)

Biotar 1,5/75 mm

Biotar 1,5/75 mm für Exakta / Topcon
Serien-Nr.: 6404485

Sold for EUR 210,00

Exa Rheinmetall

This is an Exa camera (serial number 9254236), made for Ihagee by Rheinmetall of Sommerda in about 1956. It comes with a waist-level viewfinder also made by Rheinmetall and a 50mm f2.9 Ludwig Meritar lens.

Sold for GBP 73,99

West-Berlin 2/85mm Kalimar V

West-Berlin-Germany f. Exacta 2/85mm Kalimar V

Not sold (US$ 582,00)

Exakta VP B chrome

Exakta f. 127 film + Jhagee-Anastigmat-Exaktar 3,5/7,5cm
Ser.No.785526 (two flash holes)

Sold for US$ 453

Exakta VP B chrome

Exakta VP B chrome version (3 flash holes)

Sold for USD 300,00

Ihagee Kine Exakta Instruction Manual

This is an original and very scarce instruction manual for the first Ihagee Kine Exakta (round magnifier type) in English. It is in fair unmarked condition (apart from the front cover, as can be seen in the photo and the back cover which has slight scuffing a small label) and complete with 48 pages.

Sold for GBP 30,60

Steinheil Auto-Quinar 35/2.8

Steinheil Auto-Quinaron 35/2.8 wonderful wide angle lens, made in Germany, vintage and high grade glass producing beautiful images, fitting all the Exakta SLR's
complete w/ original case and shade
Focal length: 35mm
Aperture ratio: 1:2.8
Lens construction: 5 groups, 6 elements
Coating: Steinheil quinaron multi coating
Angle of view: Diagonal: 63° Vertical: 38° Horizontal: 54°
Distance Scale: (m) 0.35 (magnification 0.13X) to 3.OO (ft) 1.25 to 10.oo

Sold for US$ 298,00

Zeiss Tessar 8/5.5cm WIDE f EXAKTA VP

Rare Lens Zeiss Tessar 8/5.5cm WIDE f EXAKTA VP.GLASS CONDITION EX ++

Not sold (US$ 500,00)


lens.isco-mat lm 1:2.8/35 gottingen 776597

Sold for US$ 104,00

Miranda lens adapter

Adapts Exakta VX and rtl lenses to Miranda cameras

Not sold (US$ 39,88)

Enna f. Exakta 4/24mm Lithagon

Enna f. Exakta 4/24mm Lithagon

Not sold (US$ 194,00)

Carl Zeiss Jena 18cm/2.8 Sonnar

Up for auction is a black barrel Carl Zeiss Jena 18cm/2.8 Sonnar T (coated)- Beautiful Classic telephoto lens with a fast 2.8 aperture , fitting all the Exakta vintage SLR's, highest grade optic, by Carl Zeiss, perfect for portrait and tele photography , a great and exotic add to your Exakta SLR collection , shown camera NOT included-Rare

Focal length/Aperture: 18cm f 2.8
Lens construction: 5 elements in 4 groups
Picture angle: 13°40'
Diaphragm: manual
Aperture scale: f/2.8 ~ f/22 on both standard and aperture-direct-readout scale

Exposure measurement: manual
Distance scale: Graduated from 1.8m (6 ft) to infinity (oo)
Weight: 880g
Dimensions: 82mm dia. x 141mm long

Not sold (US$ 828,00 Buy now)

Kine Exakta Round Magnifier

As an Exakta collector, this is probably the camera you have been waiting for! The item for auction is a superb example of the first version of Ihagee’s Kine Exakta 35mm single lens reflex camera made from 1936. I believe that less than 2000 of this model were made and many of those were converted to the rectangular magnifier viewing type. The Kine Exakta is the world’s first 35mm single lens reflex camera and, as such, has immense historical interest. This one is in excellent condition as can be seen from the photos. It is fully working, having received a full service and a new mirror fitted by Tom Page within the last twelve months (a copy of the receipt will be included). Although the whole range of shutter speeds work of course, I have not had them tested for accuracy recently. The body serial number is 485244.
The lens is a very nice chromed, solid brass 5cm f2.8 Carl Zeiss Tessar (serial number 1937419) which operates, as it should. The optics appear to be clear and clean, the focusing action is smooth and the iris is oil-free.
To those who are unfamiliar with the Exakta range of cameras, I would mention that this one, as all Exaktas, has a built in film cutting knife that facilitates the removal of partly exposed film.

Sold for GBP 888,00