Thursday, 15 March 2007

Angenieux 50mm f1.5 lens for Exakta

Angenieux 50mm f1.5 in Exakta mount, you can use this on many other cameras by purchasing mount adapters. This is a favourite to use on Alpa cameras with the Exakta to Alpa mount adapter. Lens is in Exakta mount, no adapters included. The focusing and aperature operate smoothly, there is a little oil on the aperture blades but this has no affect on the preset function. Someone has ground the screw heads down a bit, they must have been binding on an adapter of some sort. The front coating has a few wipe marks and some speckling but is still in usable condition. I've tried to photograph it the best I could.

Sold for US$ 2.025,00

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