Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Exakta Times - 14 Ausgaben - Absolute Liebhaberstücke

14 x Exakta Times - Nr. 6 - 19 - Liebhaberstücke - Diese Zeitschriften gab es nur für Mitglieder des Exakta Circles - es gab sie nicht öffentlich zu kaufen. - Die Ausgaben sind von März 1992 bis Juni 1995.
Exakta Times is the in-house journal of the Exakta Circle. It is published quarterly in A4 format, and is available to subscribing members only; it is not sold to the general public. Articles are very wide-ranging in their content. Some are extremely technical and others are the exact opposite. All Circle members are encouraged to write for their magazine; and it is this diversity of viewpoint which makes Exakta Times so appealing and which helps to keep interest in the Circle alive and vigorous.

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Sold for EUR 77,00

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