Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Rare Exa black flange

I think you will not find another. And definitely not in this condition. For sale is one black flange Exa manufactured at Dresden works latest 1951. The very low Body Ser. Nr. 201130 is well below the observed range of 204699-233804 of an approx. 200300-234000 possible range 1951-53. This Type is scored four of possible five stars rare per Clement Aguila, page 7, Chapter 7 of “Exakta Collection.”
It has the accessory release button. It is the Version 1.2: black bayonet flange, 1/150th maximum shutter speed, and both V&E flash terminals, on Hummel system, Type Nr. 041. The mirror is good to use. The inside is brand-new looking. Has correct, original black steel Exakta take up spool. The blued pressure plate is without marks.
The waist level finder is original and correct. It has black crackle finish body with Ihagee Dresden in front and Ihagee on rear. Bright and clear image. No scratches on magnifier lens. With exposure locking bar and dark appearing matt focus screen held with screws. No dings, dents, scratches, etc. to body anywhere, no screws missing. The very early body covering is 100% present and firmly adhered, without imperfection. The “lizard-ribbed-leatherette” is even perfect at the back opening latch, where always finger nails have worn it away.

Sold for US$ 160,00

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