Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Ihagee German 9x12 folding plate camera

9x12cm - Ser. No. 219125. Lens Ihagee Triplex Anastigmat 6.8/130, stops up to 36, uncoated, without ser. No. Shutter is Zenith with speeds 1/25-1/100, T and B.
Cosmetically is this camera MINT-. Leatherette without any wear except narrow ring at tripod mount. Few marks on black enameled parts only. Decent wear on wooden frame on back. Bellows very nice. Exceptionally preserved for that old folding camera camera.Without case.
Shutter was recently CLA therefore works properly, shutter speeds are appropriate. Selftimer works. Lens glass is clean, no fungus, no scratches. Bellows looks light tight (controlled with flashlight). Focusing and stopping is smooth.

Sold for US$ 60,00

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