Friday, 19 January 2007

180mm 2.8 300mm 4 Sonnar

Carl Zeiss Contax Exacta 2 lens set 180mm f2.8 and 300mm f4 Sonnar telephoto lenses

This is a vintage Carl Zeiss Jena set of lenses, the 180mm f2.8 and the 300mm f4.0 Sonnar lenses. These are post war lenses whose serial numbers start with 6xxxxxx.

Here is some information from off the net:

Two of the legendary optics from Carl Zeiss Jena are the 180mm f2.8 and the 300mm f4.0 Sonnar (preset) lenses. Both lenses were introduced in 1952 and can be found in two versions. The earliest versions (Olympia Sonnars) were chrome plated brass. These are the later versions which are two piece affairs in which the lens can be separated from the Exakta focusing mount and be installed in the Contax Rangefinder Flektoscop reflex housing as well as Flektometer and Panflex mounts.

Both the 180 and the 300 mm Sonnars are heavy and the Exacta mount has a fully adjustable rotating tripod collar mounts.

The lenses are in very good condition overall. Most importantly, the optics are clear and just need a little cleaning. Focusing is smooth and aperture blades operate properly and are free of oil.

There is an Exacta mount and another mount I believe is a Hasselblad 1000f mount. The photos show it clearly.

Not sold (asking US$ 2900,00)

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