Saturday, 13 January 2007

Examat meter prism

This is a rare meter prism for an Exakta or Exa SLR in mint condition. It will fit any model of the Varex range that has an interchangeable viewfinder. It offers TTL metering for the Exakta. It is made by Harwix in Berlin, & interestingly is badged as a TTL-Prisma, rather than as an Examat as marked on the box.

It has a neat little CdS exposure meter built into a conventional prism unit. It takes PX625 type batteries that are easily obtainable, & a new battery is fitted. It seems to be working ok, & the readings are accurate. You see the needle in the viewfinder & adjust the dial on top until the pointer is in the balanced centre position. Then read off the scales.

Sold for GBP 77,55

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