Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Pentacon 500/5,6

The longest tele not mirror for Pentacon six camera group. Large and heavy lens most common used here with Pentacon 6, Exakta 66, Kiev 6* and Praktisix.
Lens is not automatic but aperture preset system. It has the interchangeable rear mount (you can use those from 300 mm Meyer lenses) you can use it on Praktina, Exakta or M42 screw mount cameras.
Lens has possibility to preset aperture, open the diaphragm, focus, and with one movement not looking on it put it back.
Lens was called until 1971 Orestegor later Pentacon. With M42 mount and T adapter you can use this lens with many cameras. I am using it with my Olympus OM 4. T adapter works like short extension tube and allows closer focusing (and focus to infinity with 500 mm lens you need only by astrophotography) - this is even advantage.
I am offering the lens with Pentacon six mount, Exakta, or Praktica M42 mount - this will be the winning bidder choice. But the winning bidder will get only one rear mount.
Ser. No. 7348857, single coated. Stopping limits are 5.6-22. It focuses from 6 m to infinity.

Not sold for EUR 195,00

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