Saturday, 27 January 2007

EXAKTA FE 2000 ihagee West

Bears the logo of Ihagee West of Berlin, Steenbergen’s successor company to Ihagee of Dresden. A modern Exakta 35mm SLR with TTL metering and fast 55mm lens.
A complete CLA 06.04. Last used 11.06 and works fine. Exaktar lens simply a superb piece of glass. The Exaktar name was first used by Exakta with rollfilm cameras. This continued for private label lenses manufactured by Meyer Gorlitz and by other suppliers for Exaktas many decades after WWII!
A 1978 Exakta FE2000 Body Ser. Nr. 526805. The TTL meter uses a modern Type 675 1.5v battery. You can use shutter priority metering or set it on full automatic. A dial and scale in the viewfinder displays f-stop. Focus is a central microprism disc in a ground glass ring and field.
Mirror is as new. Shutter is as new, timing within 5%. Eleven speeds one second to 1/1,000th plus timed. Hot shoe flash plus PC fitting. Timer is accurate and the depth of field preview is quick. Body has only slightest handling signs, soft wear to black enamel corner by shutter advance. Inside looks unused. No dings dents or scratches.
Has the original “Auto Exaktar EE” 1,7/55mm M42 lens by Cosina, a top quality camera and optics house to this day (Voigtlander). Has seven element, fully multicoated lens with full-open diaphragm metering (EE) designation that was unique to this camera.
52mm filter thread, Ser. Nr. 762957I. Barrel marked “Lens made in Japan.” Glass clear and clean inside and out, no cleaning marks, unmarked barrel. Complete with original threaded black metal; lens cap.

Sold for US$ 62,39

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