Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Orestegor 300/4 lens Pentacon

Lens was made in former German Democratic republic, in VEB Pentacon in former Meyer Optik Görlitz factory in years 1965-90. Lens was called until 1971 Orestegor, later it was called Pentacon. Interesting is that it has interchangeable mount (you need only turn the ring and you can remove the mount). Same mount was used on 500 mm lenses. They were manufactured as minimum 4 mounts: for Pentacon 6, Praktina, Praktica M42 and Exa/Exakta.
Lens is manually but you can preset the aperture, open diaphragm, than focus and stop down with one movement not looking at the lens.
Optically is this lens not that perfect as famous Sonnar 4/300 but is more compact and work with it is easier.
I am offering the lens with Pentacon 6, Exakta or Praktica M42 - this will be the winning bidder choice. In present time I DO NOT HAVE Praktina mount!
Ser. No. 5066793, single coated, stops 4-22. It focuses from 3.6 m to infinity.

Sold for US$ 99,99

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